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Content Glossary Closet Organizers 

There are several different choices for you to choose from when you are looking for quality closet organizers. One of the best you can choose is from Solid Wood Closets. We provide all of our clients with custom closets that are made from solid wood. These are also some of the most eco friendly wood closets you will find on the internet. Our closet systems are all floor-standing, for more stability than other closet systems which are designed to hang from the wall. Our wood closet systems are made from 3/4th inch thick solid wood, to ensure you are getting the highest quality of closet systems.

All of the closet organizers available from Solid Wood Closets come from renewable resources. This means that no tree is cut down unless another one is planted in its place. The main wood used is from the rubber tree. We use rubber wood for all of our closet organizational systems. The rubber tree is one of the few trees that is still harvested for its sap, or in this case, the latex that comes naturally from it. After about 30 years, the tree will stop producing latex and is not commercially viable for tapping any longer. This is when the trees are cut down and used for creating some of the most beautiful closets you will see.

When you are installing most closet organizers, you will find they hang from your walls. This provides more stress on your walls and it does not make your closet very sturdy. With the closet systems from Solid Wood Closets, which are floor standing, making them more stable, they are secure, as well as easier to install. You will not need to cut any baseboards, because our designers at Solid Wood Closets have them pre-cut for you. With so much done for you, installing your new closet system will be one of the easiest things you can do to improve the value of your home.

Installing closet organizers can be a daunting task for those who have never attempted such a thing, or done any big projects on their home. With the organizers you get from Solid Wood Closets, you will be able to install your new closet system completely on your own. After you see just how easy they are to install, you will want to put them in every closet in your home. You can install your new closet in as little as an hour or so, depending on the size of your closet.

Having a custom closet organizer can make all the difference when you are creating your dream home. With the help of Solid Wood Closets, you will soon be on your way to having your closet organized. With their innovative use of rubber wood, making your new closet one of the most eco friendly wood closet organizers you will ever be able to purchase you will be proud to show them to all your friends. You can find more information about the perfect closet organizer at There you will find out exactly how to order your perfectly organized closet.

DIY Closet Systems

Tired of having to dig in through a reach in or walk in closet to find a matching pair of shoes or a favorite sweater? Closet systems are a great way to organize and maximize efficiency. But a good closet system isn't cheap.

Fight Clutter With An Organizer System

You're running out of space in your house.Clothes and shoes are strewn everywhere in your bedroom. The kids' toys seem to be taking over the house. And your mail and important paperwork? Good luck finding a new nook to store all that.

Walk In Closet Design

Having enough closet space is very important in helping your home to stay organized, neat and tidy. While it's important to have adequate closet space, walk in closet design is not so easy.

Closet Organizer

Having a closet organizer is something every woman wants in her closet, and every man hates the thought of having to install. With the amazing closet systems from Solid Wood Closets both can get exactly what they want and neither will be too upset about the process.


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