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Closet Systems Closet Systems 

There are enough things to argue about as a couple, so closet space should be one of the last items to worry about, right? Unfortunately when couples share the same closet space, arguments often ensue.

To address the closet space issue, the couple should take a serious look at their closet design, and then put together a His and Her closet system that will work for both.

Closet system design can be a fun project for a couple to undertake. But the effort can be quite challenging when there are so many different options that collide with the specific needs of the individual. She needs lots of shoe space, but he needs a place for his ties and belts � who wins?

Before warfare breaks out, consider these questions about closet systems and your situation:

How much space do you "really" need? Take an inventory of your specific items. Do all of these need to fit into the closet? Will you keep hats, hand bags, jewelry, and other accessories in this closet? Are there items you can donate to your favorite charity? Will you need space for linens or towels, in addition to clothing and shoes?

Start with the basics � consider your clothing items and start with planning space for these items. Whether you are man or woman, you should plan for business clothing, recreation clothing, and dressy attire. This includes slacks, shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses and other apparel. Frequently used outfits should be easy to access in your closet system design.

Get items off the floor � there should be adequate storage for shoes, boots, and all other items, so that nothing is left on the floor of the closet.

Should you have an "imaginary line"? For a couple's closet system, it may be a good idea to have some type of border � but you should allow for some flexibility because capacity can change. While you may not need a "border patrol" on guard, you should plan for situations where you may need additional space for either person. Your closet systems should be adaptable and flexible enough to allow for changes.

Length versus width or height? Consider that women's dresses need to have a higher amount of space, where men's clothing typically does not need anything higher than the length of a sport coat or dress shirt. A man's storage area is doubled, without impacting the woman's side.

Is solid wood a good choice? There are many types of materials available for closet systems including metal, plastic, fiberboard and wood. Solid wood is an environmentally friendly alternative and provides maximum durability while making your closet look sharp.

For the best advice on your closet design, contact the professionals at Solid Wood Closets to plan your couple's closet systems and avoid any unnecessary arguments!

Closet Organizer System

Having a well constructed closet organizer system is a great way to have the closet you have always wanted and to add value to your home. One of the best closet systems you can get is one made from solid wood.

Closet Organizer Systems

You have several different choices when you are choosing your closet organizer. You will want to find the right kind of closet organizer systems that offer you all the features you want in your closet.

Closet Organizing Systems

You can find many different closet organizing systems in your local home improvement stores, but you will not find systems like the ones at Solid Wood Closets. We have the best closet system which is easy to install and will last for years.

Closet Shelving Systems

There are many different closets shelving systems on the market today and finding one that is exactly what you want and need may be tricky. Here at Solid Wood Closets you will find we have some of the best closets available.

Closet Storage Systems

Having an organized closet can be great when you want to find things fast. When you are looking for quality closet storage systems here at Solid Wood Closets, you will find we have some of the best closet systems you will find anywhere.

Closet Organization System

Everyone appreciates the importance of owning the best clothing. But it's also important to guarantee that the clothes that you wear are stored in a manner that keeps them looking clean and fresh and easy to locate.

Closet Organization Systems

Everyone appreciates the importance of owning the best clothing. You know this, right? But do you also know the importance of guaranteeing that the clothes that you wear are stored in a manner that keeps them looking clean and fresh and easy to locate?

Closet System

Designing a closet system for your living space can be a fun and exhilarating experience. For some, the project of finding and designing a closet system can be frustrating because there are many different types and styles to choose from.


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