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DIY Closet Systems DIY Closet Systems 

Tired of having to dig in through a reach in or walk in closet to find a matching pair of shoes or a favorite sweater? Closet systems are a great way to organize and maximize efficiency. But a good closet system isn't cheap. However, there are good DIY closet systems out there that will look great and serve their purpose. DIY closet systems don't have to be difficult to put together, either. By purchasing the right one, with quality materials, putting together a well-organized closet is actually quite easy.

Choosing the Best DIY Closet Systems Available

For durable, long-lasting, DIY closet systems, one can expect to pay a little more - but it is an investment that pays for itself. Choosing a quality system will not only be appealing to the eye every time the closet is opened, but it will last for years to come.

There are simple kits (pre-configured) that make DIY closet systems simple, and have a predetermined look - so upon installation, there's a plan already laid out that's easy to follow. Of course, some pre-configured kits are quite cheaply made with poor quality materials and instructions. Be wary of paying a low price for a system - it can mean trouble in the long run, and will need to be replaced in a short period of time. Choose a solid wood closet system that will last, and is environmentally friendly. It will make for an uplifting experience every time the closet door is opened! Most pre-configured DIY closet systems come with options of fixed shelves, shoe racks, hanging rods, and adjustable shelves. Choose a pre-configured model that will not only fit the closet, but accommodate all the items within the closet.

Another option is to purchase DIY closet systems that can be arranged to several different configurations for a custom look that will fit just about any closet. These systems typically come with a vertical tower (for shoes, sweaters, and shirts), fixed and adjustable shelves, and hanger rods.

The difference between pre-configured and configurable DIY closet systems is seen in installation. Pre-configured DIY closet systems are typically easier to install because there is no deciding what shelf or bar will go where - it's already laid out in the manual how the finished product should look. With the other option, it is a little bit trickier, but not impossible. A good quality DIY closet system will come with manuals and videos demonstrating how to put the organizer together, and what the possible configurations will look like when completed.

DIY closet systems save on time, and on the headaches of rummaging through closets to find that work outfit or that pair of red sandals. Avoid breaking the bank on overpriced systems that skimp out on quality, too. Use the highest quality DIY closet systems materials available, and save money through the long-term investment. Visit Solid Wood Closets for a consultation.


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